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StatusBar ActiveX control StatusBar

A StatusBar control provides a window, usually at the bottom of a parent form, through which an application can display various kinds of status data..


StatusBar activex control


This is an easy to use, powerful ActiveX control that will help you design professional applications, and supports:

Simple/multi panel styles
StatusBar control can toggle between two modes: Normal and Simple. When in Simple style, the StatusBar displays only one panel. This allows the control to have two appearances, both of which are maintained separately from each other.

Add/copy/remove panels on the fly
New panels can easily be added or copied from existing panels and also can be removed at any time. StatusBar control provides the functions to allow manipulation of new panels by code.

Windows XP icons
Internal implementation of the enhanced IC ImageList control allows handling of the new, richer image format for icons introduced in Windows XP. This format supports 16 million colors (True Color), does not use a color palette and provides 256 levels of transparency (8-bit "alpha" channel)

Three grip styles
Enhancing the visual aspect, StatusBar control provides three different styles for the sizing grip, including the new Windows XP style.

Custom drawing
StatusBar control provides the appropriate mechanism, to allow developers to custom draw panels. Although this is an advanced feature, it is very easy to be implemented as the control handles the most dificult part, asking for minimal input and taking care about the details.

Unicode compliance
Bring your application to the next level by making it multilingual. Do not overlook the new markets into which you can now more easily localize your application's menus. StatusBar control provides full Unicode compliance (UCS-2/UTF-16) that will help you create software that meets the language and locale needs of all your customers throughout the world.

Going further in the internationalization process, StatusBar control provides bidirectionality even in a non-bidirectional 32-bit Microsoft Windows environment. Its individual text and icon alignment is very important if you want to use it for languages like Hebrew and Arabic.

Tooltips for each panel
Each panel can be assigned a string, that will be displayed as Tooltip when the mouse hovers over it.

Full color customization
Various color properties ensure full visual customization, that will give your application your personal style, making the control ideal for use in "skins".

Auto coloration
The control provides the ability to automatically handle the colors used for borders and the grip, according the background color, achieving visual consistency.

Background picture
Beyond any color customization, StatusBar control allows you to set a graphic to be displayed as background.

MDI applications
StatusBar control fully supports Multiple Document Interface (MDI) applications, providing status data for MDI parent and child forms.

Contained controls
StatusBar control is a controls container, so you can place any control needed to enhance the provided information.

Possible Uses
- As a replacement for the standard MS StatusBar control
- To provide status data for your applications, in a professional design.

Supported OS
Windows 7/Vista/XP/200x/NT/9x

Changes in this version
Minor changes. Font charset in Property pages has been fixed.

VB Samples

  • Owner Drawn ICStatusBar (as in the image above).

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    Name: ICStatusBar.ocx
    Version: 2.4
    Size: 324 KB
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    New build fixes:
    - Font charset in Property pages.
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