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Panel ActiveX control Panel

A Panel control provides a container that can contain other components.


Panel activex control


This is a lightweight ActiveX control that will help you arrange controls in your applications, and supports:

Dock/undock panel styles
Panel control can toggle between two modes: Docked and UnDocked. When in UnDocked style, the Panel can be dragged and aligned in its container.

Automatic drag
The control automatically handles dragging for alignment purposes in its container.

Header customization
The optional header that the control provides, is fully customizable to fit your application needs. It can be oriented to any side of the Panel control and all the colors are customizable.

Header icon
In addition to the control's caption, an icon can be displayed in the header at a standard position, according the header's orientation.

Unicode compliance
Bring your application to the next level by making it multilingual. Do not overlook the new markets into which you can now more easily localize your application's menus. Panel control provides full Unicode compliance (UCS-2/UTF-16) that will help you create software that meets the language and locale needs of all your customers throughout the world.

Full color customization
Various color properties ensure full visual customization, that will give your application your personal style, making the control ideal for use in "skins".

Auto coloration
The control provides the ability to automatically handle colors used for the borders, according the background color, achieving visual consistency.

Background picture
Beyond any color customization, Panel control allows you to set a graphic to be displayed as background.

Two grip styles
Enhancing the visual aspect, Panel control provides two different styles for an optional dragging grip.

MDI applications
Panel control fully supports Multiple Document Interface (MDI) applications, providing the ability to be aligned in MDI parent forms.

Possible Uses
- As a replacement for the standard MS Frame control
- To provide a container in your MDI applications.

Supported OS
Windows 7/Vista/XP/200x/NT/9x

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Name: Panel.ocx
Version: 1.3
Size: 188 KB
Price: $59.95



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