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FolderView ActiveX control FodlerView

A FolderView control displays a list of folders (and files) and allows browsing of the shell's entire namespace.


FolderView activex control


This is a highly customizable, powerful ActiveX control that provides functionality identical to the tree pane in Windows Explorer, with unique features:

Customized background
The background of the control can be set to any color or a tiled graphic. The graphic may scroll with the contents if you wish. The fore color can also be customized.

When an item is right clicked with the mouse, its shell context-menu pops-up exactly as in Explorer.

Remove or rename, folders and files
Items may be renamed or deleted on the fly. The control will also rename or remove the corresponding files from the system.

Drag and Drop functionality
Full drag and drop functionality is supported. Folders or files can be dragged from the control and dropped into any target that can accept them and folders or/and files can be dropped into the control.

FolderView will automatically scroll its contents or expand collapsed folders if needed and will copy or move the dropped items to the highlighted Folder.

Detailed item's info
Folderview, provides detailed information for each item, through its powerful Folder object. It returns the full path of the item it represents, its checked, selected and expanded states, many attributes that define its type, contents, capabilities and behavior, and references to the item's system icons.

Additionally, the Folder object exposes most of the properties of the Node object it belongs to, such as Child, Children, Parent, Siblings ... and returns identification information for the item in the shell's namespace, such as its PIDL and ItemID.

Customized root folder
The Root folder of the component is not restricted to Desktop. Any Special folder in the system can be set as Root, so browsing can be specified according your needs.

Implements optional auto refresh mode, where any changes within the shell's namespace (such as renaming, moving or deleting items) are automatically and immediately reflected in the control.

Customized treeview appearance
FolderView, exposes all "Appearance" properties of the underlying Treeview control, such as HasButtons, HasLines, HasLinesAtRoot, HideSelection, Indent etc.

Control system errors
Allows control of whether the shell will automatically display error messages as a result of invalid folder selection (i.e. selecting a removable drive containing no disk or selecting a disconnected network share).

Powerful set of events
Gives you total control over what happens, through a powerful set of Events that will inform you of user actions as they take place.

Possible Uses
- In any case you need browsing of the shell's namespace.
- FolderView, is a powerful tool that must exist in any developer's set of components, as it can be used in a variety of applications.

Supported OS
Windows 7/Vista/XP/200x/NT/9x

What's new
- Incorrect Root selection via Property page, has been fixed
- Other minor bugs have been fixed

VB Samples

  • Drag files from a FilesListBox and drop them into the FolderView control

  • More info Download Order


    Name: FolderView.ocx
    Version: 3.2
    Size: 332 KB
    Price: $139.95



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