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Calendar ActiveX control Calendar

A Calendar control provides a calendar-like interface that let users view and set date information.


Calendar activex control


This is a lightweight ActiveX control, that will help you handle date information in your applications, and supports:

Full color customization
Various properties ensure full color customization, that will give your application your personal style.

Visual styles
Beyond any color customization, Calendar control allows you to set the border style for the day and the header cells as well as the text alignment.

Dual mode
Calendar control can toggle between two modes: Single and Dual. When in Dual mode, the Calendar displays a two months period.

Custom drawing
Day cells can be custom drawn. Now the cels can display anything you need.

Gradient effects
The Header cells, the current date and the current month cells of the Calendar control are displayed with a gradient background.

The user may select days by clicking and dragging the mouse over them, exactly as in Explorer.

Keyboard navigation
Keyboard keys can be used for navigation between the Calendar days, in the displayed period.

Calendar control automaticaly handles resizing of cells according to its dimensions.

Possible Uses
- As a replacement for the standard MS Calendar and MonthView controls
- To handle date information in your applications.

Changes in this version
- Public Function DrawDay added
- Public Property Locked added
- Public Property Selected added to Day objects

Supported OS
Windows 7/Vista/XP/200x/NT/9x

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Name: Calendar.ocx
Version: 3.1
Size: 196 KB
Price: $79.95



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